What To Do On A Rainy Day?

There’s a famous quotation that says, “It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain”. Obviously, it’s meaning doesn’t come literally. The quotation is more of a metaphor.

But, how about if it’s literally raining, you can’t go anywhere so you just have to stay at home, and there’s no one else around? Then, your eyes start to wander the ceiling to look for something to do.

Well, here’s some suggestions on how you can “dance in the rain” while you’re at home and alone.

1. Create your own Film Festival.

Anjelina Jolie

You can start looking for interesting movies. If you got a collection of DVDs, go grab those that interest you and start watching. If not, or your DVDs are too old and you want something new, you can watch fresh movies online through free movie streaming websites like movie25.com.

It’s also good to consider watching documentary videos or tv channels like Discovery Channel and Animal Planet where you can learn a lot of amazing facts aside from merely enjoying and killing time.

Just make sure there is electricity, and you have TV, DVD/CD player, and/or computer to watch with. 😉

2. Be a bookworm.


If you don’t feel like watching movies or watching movies is simply out of the option for some reason and you have books at home, you can go grab one of them and start reading.

One of my favorites is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It’s really a good book and I encourage you to read it.

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested. – Francis Bacon

3. Act like a chef.


If the cold weather makes you hungry, grab some food but make it more challenging and fun. As much as you love eating when the weather is gloomy, you must also love cooking your own food.

For some suggestions on what’s good to eat on rainy days, you may read my earlier blog “Comfort Food for Rainy Days” or you may simply cook anything out from the ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

If, unfortunately, you don’t know how to cook, look for help from cookbooks, or watch video tutorials on how to cook the food you want to eat in YouTube, or search for recipes in Google. If those aren’t possible, call a friend.

One thing I want to do is bake cupcakes one day. If you haven’t tried that yet, you can join me. 🙂

4. Exercise your brain while having fun.


Playing games is always fun and an effective cure for boredom and chills. So if you have the resources, you can solve puzzles, crosswords, play word guessing games, any board games you can play alone or computer games.

So, this is the best time to play Tetris Battle, Temple Run and Candy Crush. If there’s a newer game than those mentioned, feel free to comment. I’m not at all so updated with games.

One of the games I love to play since 6 years ago is the Hangaroo. It’s a word guessing game. Besides gaining general knowledge, you can also save a Kangaroo! 😀

5. Turn into Interior Designing.


If it’s not too cold and you want to feel light and bright in the midst of a gloomy day, try rearranging your room. Turn things around, change bedding, pillow cases, blankets and curtains with bright colors. Clean your room. Arrange your cabinets and closets and throw away those stuffs that you can’t use anymore.

Most of the time, your mood depends on what you see and it’s good to keep a brighter perspective around you.

By doing this, aside from making your room more cozy, you also invite better thoughts into your head plus you get an instant exercise.

6. Practice music, arts and literature.


If you are into music, you can do more than simply listening songs into actually playing them with your musical instrument.

If you are into arts, you can draw, paint, mold clays, etc.

If you are into literature, you can write a poem or a short story.

As for me, I will write a poem, give it a melody, play it with my guitar and sing it. The neighbors won’t mind the noise because they can hear the raindrops on their rooftop more than they can hear me. 😉

7. Reconnect with your far away friends.


To feel alone is probably one of the worst feelings in a lifetime; and sometimes, the weather really has something to do with it.

So when you have this I-Feel-So-Alone-And-Unloved emotional attack, reconnect with long unseen or unheard friends and/or family members. They probably have some stories to share.

Chat with them in Facebook or Skype, tweet with them in Twitter, hangout with them in Google Hangout, send them some stickers or voice messages in WeChat or Line, call them in Viber, or simply send them an Email. Use whatever social networking sites or apps is available. You’ll be amazed by how you forget the weather when you start communicating with them.

Google Hangouts on Air has a way of broadcasting your conversation live and saving it in your YouTube account. That way, you can replay your conversation when it’s over. To know more about it, read Google+ Hangouts On Air: broadcast your conversation to the world.

8. Pamper yourself.


This applies to girls. I don’t know what ways boys can do but, If you are a girl, you can do a lot of things to pamper yourself even when you are alone at home.

Start with making facial mask and put it on your face. Here’s  8 Do-It-Yourself Home Facials to start with.

Completely condition your hair. I heard mayonnaise can be used as a conditioner.

Do some bleaching or scrubbing on your skin.

Clean your nails and change your nail polish.

And a lot more!

You can still make your self feel special even on a rainy day.

9. Simply daydream.


Create a Vision Board or write a Bucket List.

Sometimes, being alone on a gloomy weather is the best time to meditate and plan your future.

For the Vision board, cut out images of things you want to achieve from magazines or newspapers and arrange them into a board. Design your board and hang it on your wall.

For the Bucket List, simply write everything you want to do and achieve on a piece of paper and keep it. Check those things on the list that you’ve already done or achieved, afterwards.

Every time you’ll see them, you will be reminded of your goals in life even if it’s not raining.

Just to make it clear, the vision board photo above is not mine. I’m still about to create my own. 😉

10. Go to sleep.


Probably, one good thing to do on a rainy day is simply to go to sleep!

It’s not procrastinating, it’s giving yourself a treat from hard days work on the most suitable weather.

Let the cozy pillows, blanket and cold weather relax your body from all the stress of the previous days and the upcoming.

Have a sweet dream!

It doesn’t rain everyday, so make the best out of a rainy day!


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