Destiny In Love: A Chance Or Choice?

true love (2)

Does true love really comes only once in our life? Or does it really exist?

Some people waste their life waiting for “true love” to come…instead of feeling true love in their heart and bringing their true love into life. The whole of our spiritual path is to learn to shine true love into the world.

Is there such a thing as destiny in love or is it just really a matter of chance and choice?

There is no chance in life. Based on our relatively “positive” or “negative” thoughts, we attract or repel the experiences we have in life. Based on our thinking, we see truth clearly or are blinded to truth. Our thoughts take us closer to some things, and farther away from other things. Our thoughts dictate our “destiny”, although changing our thoughts can change our destiny.

True love is the “kingdom of heaven”. The Pharisees asked Jesus, “When will the Kingdom of Heaven come?” He didn’t answer directly by answering “when”. He said, “Don’t look out there, the Kingdom of Heaven is within.” The Pharisees wanted to know “When”, but He answered with “where”. Exactly “when” is totally up to us…and it “comes” only when we find it within.


Don Stevenson
New Orleans, LA


26 thoughts on “Destiny In Love: A Chance Or Choice?

  1. Personally, I believe love can’t be adequately described or proved in words but I’ll try my best to explain what I think πŸ™‚ Love is an experience that you open yourself up to. It’s a delicate mix of both chance and choice. Chance is probably just about 1% and the rest is choice — every day is a choice. People are so complicated and life too unpredictable that it’s impossible to just count on luck/destiny/fate in order for love flourish and become real.

    Aside from personal experience, I had a lot of epiphanies from reading The Little Prince πŸ™‚

    Thank you for this post, it’s inspiring and thought-provoking.

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      1. I had to mention The Little Prince because I had a sort of spiritual awakening when I re-read it recently πŸ˜€

        Anyway, I kinda based my comment on what I learned from The Little Prince. It was chance/destiny that brought and planted the seed that would become the rose on the Prince’s asteroid (of all the asteroids in the galaxy, right?) but it was choice that kept the Prince devoted to her in spite of her vanity and selfishness. Although he left her for a time, it was also choice that pushed him to return to her in the end πŸ™‚

        That book should be required reading material in school!

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  2. For me, true love doesn’t just come once in our lives. I believe it’s already within us the moment we were born. True love for our Creator, our family, friends, special someone, and other people who are really dear to us. But if we talk about destiny in love, waaah I honestly believe in fate, serendipity, destiny! Hahahaha. Hopeless romantic lang πŸ˜€

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