The Cost of Fame: Why Take Down Flappy Bird

After reading Mashable’s 28 Days of Fame: The Strange, True Story of ‘Flappy Bird’, all my speculations about its sudden removal in the App Store and Google Play became crystal clear. Bam!

Ever watched Disney’s, Chicken Little? The story’s about a young chicken who can’t do most of the things he want because he’s too little. He wished to become popular but his popularity was often caused by the troubles he created in their town. Until one day, he accidentally discovered an alien spacecraft which they thought was going to invade the planet; and that turned him into an instant hero and celebrity. He became famous all by “luck!” Or probably the “wishing” had something to do with it. But the story had a twist at the end, he had to choose between what’s good and what’s important.

Why on earth did I share that story? Well, let’s compare it to Dong Nguyen, the developer of the well-loved/hated game Flappy Bird.

He hit stardom all by “luck!” Or his passion for developing games had something to do with it, yes definitely. Our christian friends will call him Blessed!

Did he ever expected that his Flapflap game will become a worldwide sensation? Based on his tweets, “No.” Like what he said, “most of the players of that game were school kids.” Just like Chicken Little, the popularity was UNEXPECTED!

Published in App Store, May 24, 2013. Android version entered Google Play, January 22, 2014. Flappy Bird wasn’t really an INSTANT success. As you can see, it flapped its wings across obstacle courses for about 8 months before it actually hit the highest popularity rank. Although 8 months is indeed a short period for a Vietnamese to conquer the world!

Why Take It Down When Popularity’s What Most People Are Wishing For?

Some say it’s “Legal” issues. Some say the developer got overwhelmed of the attention he’s getting. Based on Mashable’s article, there are no evidences found for the former. But the latter’s most certainly the reason, Dong Nguyen’s tweets proved them.

But why?

Thing is, the more you get lovers, the more you get haters. In fact, twice much haters!

But how many have gotten into stardom, got lovers and twice much haters, and yet remained on the pedestal still? Why withdraw popularity while at its peak? Imagine how Flappy Bird soar into the open air and when it reached the highest atmosphere, it’s gone. And you’re like “Where’d it go?”

Dong Nguyen, found success but lost peace. Here comes Chicken Little’s twist, what’s good and what’s important?

Taking down Flappy Bird means he chose peace over success. That is EXTRAORDINARY!

If I were on his shoes, I’d probably just shut my Social Media accounts. Let the Flappy Bird fly high and sell it to those who want to buy it. Find emotional support from those closest to me, and seek advises from experts I can find. Let the press find me and talk to them if necessary. If not, just like a celebrity, I’ll run and hide away. Let the bullies bully but I’ll make it sure I can’t read their mean words. Popularity won’t last anyway. A new game will soon emerge and the world will forget about me. At least I experienced how it feels to be popular and have saved enough money for when I’ll be needing them someday. The key is not to take things personally. Don’t let it get into your head much more feel it.

But I’m not Dong Nguyen. I don’t know what he truly been through for the short period Flappy Bird got so much of the world’s attention.

It’s sad how one man created something that became successful and then hated it for its success.

But despite that, I’m still PROUD of Dong Nguyen, his Flapflap Bird, and how he chose peace over the so-so success! That also means he chose the IMPORTANT over the GOOD.

Paolo Coelho said, “Success is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace.” With that being said, we can still say that Flappy Bird and Dong Nguyen is TRULY successful!


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