Once Upon A Time In The Sky

It was a fine, sunny Thursday on the 8th of May. A crazy gentle-alien and a mad lady on the apple tree went to have fun in the Sky! They went to the Sky Experience Adventure (SEA) at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in Cebu City.

What’s In The SEA?

Image: Sky Experience Adventure
Image: Sky Experience Adventure

At SEA, they take your usual tower experience to the extreme with their extreme adventure offers.

For a complete list of adventures with schedule and rates, visit their site here.

As to the crazy alien and the mad apple, well… they got wet, electrocuted, etc. at the 4D Theater; their spirits almost left them while riding the Edge Coaster; the 360-degree view of the city took their breath away in the Sky Walk Extreme; and the best part, they get to look closer of what’s down below from up the tower at the Sky Observatory.

If you wish to experience the Sky Adventure for yourselves, it is located at Tower 1, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, Fuente Towers, Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City, Philippines. You can buy the tickets at the 19th floor. No reservations needed.

The Deal At The Tower

Image: Edge Coaster. SEA
Image: Edge Coaster. SEA

It was one unforgettable day for both the crazy alien and the mad apple. The fun and adventure turned out into a funny-romantic scene in the end.

Just when she’s ready to stop hanging out with him, he gave her a taste of what it’d be like to be his lady and confessed.

Then the deal. After three months since that sky adventure experience, they shall meet again at the same spot in the tower to see if they are truly meant to be.

Will they be together?

Find out this August. Please follow The Apple Daily and be updated with what’s new! xoxo


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