Global Voices on Its Citizen Media Summit 2015 and 10th Anniversary

Global Voices, a volunteer community of more than 1,200 writers, analysts, online media experts and translators around the world gathered together in a two-day Citizen Media Summit 2015 and 10th Anniversary Celebration from January 24th to 25th at the Cebu Provincial Capitol, Philippines.


300 journalists from over 70 countries participated in the summit and talked about the Open Internet, Filipino Citizen Media, Freedom of Information, Activism, reporting amidst propaganda war, Magna Cartas, battling trauma, Internet Rights, online crisis reporting, religion, nationalism and freedom of speech, dealing with trolls, and more. Workshops on research, enhancing action for freedom of information legislation in the Philippines, and ranking digital rights were also conducted.


I was so favored to have been given the chance to  join for FREE and be one of those 300s together with other eight (as far as I’ve known) bloggers from the Cebu Blogging Community. Many thanks to Johnn Mendoza and Andrew dela Serna.

Image by Ruben Licera.
Image by Ruben Licera.

To give you a little bit of background, Global Voices was founded in late 2004 by Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon as a “project that rounded up blog posts from around the world”. Ethan, in a blog he posted in the Global Voices Summit site, said:

We’ve held the conference six times, and it’s always been an excuse to gather core members of the Global Voices community for planning, training and building solidarity. More than 800 staff and volunteers run Global Voices, and since we have no home office, headquarters or physical presence, the conference provides a physicality and presence that’s sorely lacking in most of our interactions.

The community’s strength lies in volunteerism. You too can be part of this and make a difference. Show your support here and participate in the next summit which happens every two years.

More photos are available at


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