The CBC Ultimate Meet Up

 If there’s one person who’s the happiest during the meetup, that would be me. Why not? I received an unexpected recognition for having fun.

I really had fun attending events and writing about it, it didn’t feel like working at all. So when the community leads announced that they have picked two bloggers to be given the “Blogger of the Quarter” award, I turned my sight towards the veterans, the real good bloggers.

Then a picture was flushed on the screen.

bloggers of the quarter

Wait, what? Is that me? Geez!

It was a total surprise and I cannot express enough the emotions I felt at that moment. The award is pretty much humbling and I cannot help but feel a bit of pride for what I have achieved. My deepest gratitude to the Cebu Blogging Community for recognizing and appreciating my efforts being one of its new members.

Two of the bloggers were given recognition as “Bloggers of the Quarter” for their active support to the community – Jeph Flores of and yours truly as a representative of which is part of TekWorx Blog Network owned by Bert Padilla.


The Cebu Blogging Community started in September 2014 to “bring bloggers together as a way of helping each other become great bloggers; and build friendship”, said Channel Imperial, one of the community leads. “The core of the group is about improving ourselves and making bloggers become responsible writers”, she added.


Last March 7, 2015, the community had its first Ultimate Meetup and Pool Party at the Diamond Suites and Residences at the corner of Apitong and Escario Streets in Cebu City. True to its name, this hotel is a gem right at the heart of the city – amiable staff, cutting-edge facilities, gorgeous interior design and palatable food.

Read‘s review of the Diamond Suites and Residences.


The meet-up started with various talks coming from marvelous speakers, Rachelle Nessia of the Philippine Information Agency-Cebu and Eleanor Valeros of New Media, tackling about social issues and bloggers’ responsibilities. Finally, Ruben Licera Jr., the ultimate lead of the community, facilitated the signing of Manifesto on Public Accountability.


After the meeting proper, we all went to the roof deck for the pool party. There were live acoustic entertainment, great tasting food and wine, music jam and dipping to the pool.

There’s nothing much I can say here but everything was AWESOME. The pictures will speak for themselves. All photos however are not mine. They’re grabbed from the very talented photo-blogger Emjae Argallon of while others are grabbed from Janine of Lime & Life.






This Cebu Blogging Community Ultimate Meetup and Pool Party would not be possible if not for these awesome sponsors:

Thank you so much for your support to the community!

To all the bloggers of Cebu, it was my honor and pleasure seeing everyone of you. ‘Til we meet again. Xoxo!


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