Wealth, Knowledge or Love?


If you are to choose between unlimited wealth, immeasurable knowledge, or everlasting love, what would it be and why? To answer that question, let me share with you the story of a man who went looking for fulfillment, and let us see what he found.

Once there was a man with a wife and a son, but still not contented with his life. He was looking for something more – a purpose and meaning of his life. He believed that there is something bigger he has to find to fulfill his longing.

One day, he met a rich man who lived in a beautiful huge castle with a carriage made of gold. Instantly, he thought, “If only I can have a huge castle and a golden carriage, I will surely find fulfillment.”

So he asked the rich man, “how can I be rich like you?” The rich man answered, “work for me day and night and you will be rich in no time.”

The poor man worked in the market place selling textile day in and day out. Soon enough, he became rich and was able to get his dream castle and carriage. He felt extremely happy and fulfilled. But as the days went by, the feeling of fulfillment slowly faded and his old self once again crept in.

The next day, he saw a man talking to a huge crowd. Everyone in the gathering listened to every word that came out of the man’s mouth. That man can do anything he wanted to do with the people, and all of them admired him.

He then thought, “if only I can be as brilliant as that man, I shall surely find fulfillment.”

So he read all the books that could teach him how to be able to speak in a crowd and be admired by people. He studied and practiced day in and day out. Soon enough, he became the greatest public speaker of his time. He felt very happy and fulfilled with all the compliments and admirations he kept receiving. But then again, as the days went by, the feeling of fulfillment slowly faded; and his old and empty self once again crept in.

After all he had achieved, the man felt more empty and lonelier than ever. He didn’t know what else to do with his life and had begun to feel hopeless and desperate in longing for fulfillment.

Until one day, he wasn’t able to contain his feeling of hopelessness any longer, and he bursted into tears. “Can I still find fulfillment in this life?” he cried.

Then his wife came in and hugged him, “My love, why all these feelings of despair and hopelessness?” She then called their son to come closer. “Look at us,” she said. “We are here to love and support you in whatever you want to do. Aren’t we enough?”

The man lifted his head, and for the first time, he saw his most precious treasure. He realized what a valuable possession he has and how brilliant he is for having raised such a beautiful family. From then on, he found fulfillment and has never been happier for the rest of his life.

The lesson and answer to the question: wealth, knowledge, or love?

It’s a no brainer. No amount of wealth nor depth of knowledge can give as much happiness and fulfillment as love can give.

Love is so powerful that it can make you do the impossible. Once you have everlasting love, wealth and/or knowledge will surely follow because richness and brilliance are just byproducts of pursuing what or who you love.

Ever wondered why kings require their sons to find a princess to marry first before they could take the throne? Because a king needs genuine and eternal love and support to be able to rule his kingdom well.

Now you know.

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