Relationship Qualities – What Are the Most Important Qualities Needed in a Relationship?


It is easy to set a standard for our ideal partner but, we can never tell how the quality of our relationship is going to be unless until we’re already on the boat and have sailed far. We can, however, tell the qualities of a good relationship that each and every one of us must set as a goal to achieve.

1. Both share a common goal and set of principles

A common goal and principles is the most important foundation in a relationship to keep it strong and make it last. Having the same set of principles reduces, if not eliminates, the occurrence of unnecessary conflicts that could ruin the relationship; while working together towards one common goal strengthens it by constantly communicating and spending time with each other. It is like sharing the same mind in two separate bodies and relationships like this is almost always unbreakable.

2. There is constant respect and affection

In most relationships, respect and affection slowly diminish as time flies. That should not be. Respect and affection towards each other is supposed to grow as the relationship gets older. This is a very important ingredient in keeping the relationship healthy and harmonious. The loss of respect and affection can eventually lead to a disaster that will soon end the relationship.

3. Both accept each other’s weaknesses and differences

There is no one person who is completely similar to another. There is always this one characteristic that makes each person unique. Similarly, there is no one person who acquires only the good qualities and none of the bad. Every person is created imperfectly so each could find another to fill in those imperfections, and together they can both be perfect. Unless we understand that, it will be hard for us to accept imperfections and easy to give up because of irremediable differences.

4. There is complete honesty and loyalty

A common source of conflict in every relationship is the absence of honesty and loyalty. Lying and cheating are almost always the culprit in marital wars, breakups, and divorces. It takes a strong sense of moral value and standard to stay honest and loyal to a relationship. While there is no guaranteed effective way in keeping honesty and loyalty in a relationship, it can be avoided by partnering with someone who completely knows your worth from the start.

5. Both help each other grow

The best quality of a relationship is something that helps both parties grow into better individuals. If all of the four qualities above are present in a relationship, this can certainly be the direct result. To grow for the better in a relationship is, perhaps, what we should all be looking for.

According to a recent study, a good relationship is the secret to a happy and healthy life. Our success, or failure, is based mainly on how good or bad our relationships are. People reach out to people in times of need and trouble just as we reach out to others in times of joy and triumph. The quality of our relationships starts within ourselves – our choice of values and habits. Thus, if we want good relationships, let us first have a good set of moral values and character.



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