Why You Shouldn’t Let Bad Past Relationships Hurt Current Ones

It is like bringing in the bugs of your old abandoned house and letting them live in your new house. The bugs will start eating the woods of the new house, and sooner or later the house will break. It will get abandoned. Then the cycle continues.

As the saying goes, “If you carry old bricks from your past relationship to your new one, you will end up building the same house that fell apart before.” You cannot keep dwelling on your bad past and expect your present to be better than before. Holding on to something that keeps hurting you will ruin every good relationship you’re supposed to be having.

Steve Maraboli said, “Do not sabotage your new relationship with your last relationship’s poison.” If you let the bad memories of your past relationships hurt your current one, you will hinder all the good and positive things to come into your current relationship.

By constantly bringing up your hurtful past, you won’t be able to notice all the good things that are happening in your present. You will then block every good thing that could still happen into your relationship.

You will not be able to experience the wholeness of your present relationship.

Because you are so caught up in your past, you won’t be able to completely appreciate the relationship that you currently have. The hurt that you’re keeping will seem like a fog that will block your view and make everything look hazy.

You won’t be able to give your hundred percent commitment to your present relationship.

The bad experiences might have created a fear inside you that history is always bound to repeat itself. If you won’t let go of your past, the fear will stay making you unable to completely commit to your current relationship.

You won’t be able to show all your love to your present partner.

The pain of the past will make you less of a loving person. Your constant visitation to your past means you haven’t moved on yet. That is unfair to your present partner, who seems to be caught up in a rebound relationship.

You will destroy the future of your current relationship.

Everything mentioned above will then result to another broken relationship in the future. Because you can’t see the good things, you can’t appreciate and be thankful for what you have. Because you are doubtful, your partner will feel unloved and unsatisfied of the relationship. Then both of you will think you are, once again, in a wrong relationship; and the cycle will continue.

Don’t let bad past relationships hurt your current ones. Why would you hold on to the hurt? Why would you hold on to the painful memories? If they’re not serving you anymore, let them go. Remember all the lessons that you learned, but forget every feeling accompanied by them. You can have a wonderful future if only you won’t ruin your present by constantly dwelling on your past.


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