Relationship Problems – Maybe the Problem Is You

Tired of the frequent disagreements and the countless fights in your relationship? Check again, perhaps the real problem is you. Most commonly, we blame our partners, or whatever situation, when problems arise in our relationship. We find it hard to take accountability when we are the ones causing those problems. Or worse, we never get a hint when we are becoming the relationship wrecker.

So, before pointing fingers, self-reflect. What is the root cause of your relationship problems? There are only a few things to figure out if the real problem in your relationship is you.

You have been into lots of failed relationships

You make yourself believe that all your past relationships were just products of young love, and they really have nothing to do with how you deal with your partner. You tell yourself none of them mattered, and none of them was worth it because they can’t handle you. You want someone who will build his/her world around you, and a relationship that goes according to your rules and desires. The truth is, you were being egocentric and narcissistic without knowing it that is why your past relationships failed.

You don’t feel good about yourself

You are not confident in your own skin. You have a lot of insecurities, and you are secretly wishing you are living someone else’s life. You believe there is nothing that you can be proud of about yourself resulting into your having a poor self-esteem. You may not know it, but you could be suffering from depression, and it is affecting the way you deal with people and the way you handle things.

You always want to prevail in any argument

When you and your partner got into a fight, you never want to listen. You always believe you are right and whatever your partner says doesn’t matter. You always keep a close mind on arguments you have already concluded. When you have formed a belief on something, you stick to it no matter what. You will do everything to win a fight whether or not you are right because you believe there is only one who deserves to win – you.

You always have something bad to say about others

You may or may not be aware of it, but you always have something to say about anyone. You are very quick in criticizing even the littlest fault that you can find. When it comes to your partner, you never let a day skip without having to comment about how s/he looks, how s/he talks, or just about anything s/he does. You do it without having to think about his or her feelings, and that could be very annoying, if not damaging.

If you are one or have done some of the things mentioned above, then it can be that the real problem lies with you and not with your partner or anything else. Self-reflection is already one step to fixing a problem. To save your relationship from a possible downfall, stop your bad habits and change.


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