Nagging Ladies – Reasons Why You Need to Lay Off the Little Things

Everybody hates a nagger; and no matter what you do, those frustrating little things are simply inevitable. So every time you feel like losing your temper, be reminded of all these reasons to dismiss the urge to blabber. It causes stress Magnifying the petty things is one of the common reasons why we easily get… Continue reading Nagging Ladies – Reasons Why You Need to Lay Off the Little Things


Wealth, Knowledge or Love?

If you are to choose between unlimited wealth, immeasurable knowledge, or everlasting love, what would it be and why? To answer that question, let me share with you the story of a man who went looking for fulfillment, and let us see what he found. Once there was a man with a wife and a… Continue reading Wealth, Knowledge or Love?

Reflection On Love and Faith

While reading love and relationship quotes over the internet, I observed there are too many self-centered advises and ideas - the reason why there are plenty of quick commitments and break-ups. I do not say I know love and relationships well enough, but somehow, I do know what's right and what's wrong and I think… Continue reading Reflection On Love and Faith