The Cost of Fame: Why Take Down Flappy Bird

After reading Mashable's 28 Days of Fame: The Strange, True Story of 'Flappy Bird', all my speculations about its sudden removal in the App Store and Google Play became crystal clear. Bam! Ever watched Disney's, Chicken Little? The story's about a young chicken who can't do most of the things he want because he's too… Continue reading The Cost of Fame: Why Take Down Flappy Bird


Reflection on Life and Death

The only certain thing in life is that it has no certainty. We woke up every morning not knowing what lies ahead. We live each day to work for our hopes, our dreams and our happiness and end it either feeling fulfilled, hopeful or hopeless. When we went to visit our grandpa in the cemetery… Continue reading Reflection on Life and Death

Reflection On Love and Faith

While reading love and relationship quotes over the internet, I observed there are too many self-centered advises and ideas - the reason why there are plenty of quick commitments and break-ups. I do not say I know love and relationships well enough, but somehow, I do know what's right and what's wrong and I think… Continue reading Reflection On Love and Faith